Terms and Conditions

Tickets will not be refunded, exchanged or replaced for any reason. Everyone attending an Event must have a ticket; this includes children and babies unless specifically noted otherwise.

It is the responsibility of parents/guardians to accompany their children in a responsible manner. Castell Roc is not responsible for unaccompanied or unsupervised children within Chepstow Castle during Events.

On-stage entertainment times will vary per Event. Site curfew is show dependant but no later than 11:00pm prompt.

Castell Roc reserves the right to make changes to the line-up without notification.

No chairs (folding or otherwise) will be permitted, a seating area is provided limited to 200 on a first come first served basis (additional cost of £1 per ticket).

Tents, gazebos or any other structures are not permitted.

Smoking within all areas of the Castle is prohibited.

No animals will be admitted.

There is a food/full bar service available on site. Pre-purchased food & drinks cannot be brought into the Venue.

No glass items or 'sharps' allowed on site.

Barbecues, gas cylinders or any naked flames are strictly prohibited.

A security search may be carried out before entering the grounds.

Castell Roc has a strict no drug use Policy. Any person seen taking or carrying drugs of any kind will be removed from site and reported to the Police.

The concerts will take place irrespective of prevailing weather conditions (unless the conditions are deemed to be a risk to public safety), so please be prepared for all weather.

There will be portable toilets within the Castle grounds. Additional toilets may be available outside the Castle grounds in the Public toilets located in the Car Park adjacent to the Castle.

Chepstow Castle will be open as usual during the day. An Event ticket does not provide general admittance to the Castle during daytime hours.


The gates to the Castle will close to the public from 6pm. After this time general visitors without Event tickets will be asked to leave. The gates will then re-open and only those people holding valid Event tickets will be admitted.

Castell Roc is located within a historical Castle. Safety is a primary concern/issue at such sites.

Castell Roc cannot be held responsible for any accidents that may occur within the grounds that can be reasonably attributed to dangerous, drink/drug fueled or misguided behaviour. It is the responsibility of parents/guardians to accompany their children. Failure to observe Venue warning signs/safety fencing or stewards advice will also nullify Castell Roc against any form of liability.

Anyone deemed to be causing a nuisance (by security or any persons working on behalf of the Event) will be removed from the site immediately, without monetary refund.

Anyone that causes nuisance or distress to the point that the Artiste/his or her crew or any Castell Roc representative deems it necessary to cancel the Event (or stop performance) will be liable to a Civil Court Action whereby Castell Roc or any of its representatives will seek to recover all costs associated with cancelling or delaying the Event.

Gate staff/security or any person working for or on behalf of the Event reserves the right to refuse admission to anyone.

Individual Events are not necessarily hosted by "Castell Roc". As such tickets held for each individual Event are the property of the individual Event Promoter (or direct Artiste). Ticketing refunds etc should be made to the individual Event Promoter (or Artiste) and not Castell Roc directly. Contact Castell Roc if further information or assistance is required.

Recording of any type at any Event is strictly prohibited without consent. Anyone seen recording any performance will be removed from the site and recording equipment may be confiscated. This may also lead towards criminal damages Claims due to breeches of Artiste's copyrights.

Event Photographers & Videographers will be in operation at all events for future promotional, advertising or media purposes.