Updated: Aug 20

When the decision was made to move Castell Roc 2020 to April/May 2021, never did we expect that a year later we would still be in the thick of this pandemic!

We were hoping by the spring we would of been able to bring you some live music in the form of 'Springtime Castell Roc', but sadly this will not be able to happen.

With the whole country closed down and the music company on it's knees, there seems to be very little light at the end of this long tunnel anytime soon , even with the roll out of the vaccine, it is going to be a long journey.

We have managed to re-schedule dates for all the acts who were going to perform at 'Springtime Castell Roc' for the last 2 weekends of August 2021. Although even then, whether this will be allowed to take place cannot be guaranteed, as the way things are at present nothing at all can be guaranteed !

All the acts in place have been fantastic about it all, and 'IF' August has to be postponed too, dates have been scheduled for 2022 with all the acts.

This has been a difficult time for everyone in many different ways and at this moment in time, things are looking pretty bleak, so dates for August 2021 will be released as soon as it is given the green light to go ahead, if it is looking unlikely, then the dates for 2022 will be released instead.

We are really sorry we are not able to give you more information than this, but like everyone, we have to abide by guidelines, but please be assured that Castell Roc will happen as soon as we are able to bring it to you and any pre-sold tickets for whichever date you have, will be valid.

We will keep you updated!

Keep safe everyone!