Community Bash

31/08/2020 - Bank Holiday Monday

Castell Roc Festival proudly opens the gates to Chepstow Castle for this Community Event with a TOTALLY FREE ENTRY !

Countless Chepstow Folk will have fond memories of long lost Community Events held within the Town. Firm family favourites such as 'The Pram Race', 'Rock In The Dell', 'Chepstow Carnival', 'Fireworks at the St Tecla Public House', St Lawrence & Mount Pleasant Hospital Fete's and many more that are all sadly now distant memories.

The Castell Roc Organisation has once again worked hard along with kind support from Chepstow Town Council to bring back some 'old school' Community 'sparkle' to Chepstow in 2019, with it's "FREE Community Bash".

Brought to you by local people, for the community and all neatly wrapped up in the original heart of the Town, Chepstow Castle....

Chepstow's Friendly Festival

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